In addition to our 37 lead artists from Indian Ocean Rim Countries
IOTA21 presents a festival program of exhibitions and events.

Sep-Nov 2021 in Western Australia

Lee Harrop: Down Under

Art Collective WA 565 Hay Street, Perth

Lee Harrop will work in the Art Collective WA gallery space to produce new work using the medium of stone, a material that represents the deep time that is our past, present, and future. The title of the work plays…

Nicholas Folland: Artist Residency

Art Collective WA 565 Hay Street, Perth

Nicholas Folland's practice celebrates the repurposed and the upcycled, value-adding to the waste and discard of unfashionable past excesses. By collecting on mass and stripping to the bone, he massages practical ornamentation to create wonders unimagined, tugging at our memories,…