Various bowls with spoons and a note inside them all crammed onto one table

We Must Get Together Some Time

Nandi Chinna, Helen Coleman, Jane Donlin, Sharyn Egan, George Karpathakis, Todd Israel, Annette Nykiel, Perdita Phillips, Nien Schwarz, Michelle Slarke, Holly Story, Dianne Strahan We Must Get Together Some Time will exhibit a major body of new works in a…
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Nalda Searles Weekend Residential Workshop

More details regarding this workshop with Nalda Searles coming soon… This will be the twelfth consecutive weekend residential workshop with Nalda Searles held in the Northcliffe community.
Peter Kovacsy, Cosmic Millennium Gathering, 1999, Karri Timber, 54 x 14cm, Photographed by Peter Kovacsy


SENTINELS is a solo exhibition featuring works in native timbers and cast glass. For more than 30 years Peter Kovacsy’s contemporary craft & design practice has been galvanised by observations of the local timber workers, forestry industry, and majestic Karri…