IOTA Partisans

IOTA Partisans

A vibrant group of emerging craft advocates who play a vital role as activators of the IOTA public program, injecting energy and curiosity.

IOTA Partisans volunteer towards activities aligned with their current and future skillsets. They are rewarded with up close experiences with international residency artists and the lead artists selected for the international exhibition at the heart of the Craft Triennial.

Contributing voluntarily at a major biennial or triennial has been foundational experience for many arts workers who later have become artistic directors, arts managers, and festival directors in Australia and overseas.

The Partisans are led by a small voluntary committee and the group intends to involve arts workers and artists under 35 years of age.

IOTA Partisans are a special band who:

  • see IOTA's importance
  • understand the value of craft
  • and are eager to support craft artists and artisans.

If you’re interested in joining Partisans, please complete this form, and Stirling Kain (Festival Coordinator, Partisans Lead) will be in touch.

The form takes approximately five minutes to complete.
Please submit by 5pm, 30 June 2024.

If you have any questions and/or accessibility requirements related to completing the form, please email Stirling Kain (Festival Coordinator, Partisans Lead) at

Molly Ryan, Memory Fragments (left), Assemblage of Scraps (middle), Embodied Landscape (right), 2022, upcycled naturally dyed silk, cotton, wool, linen, cotton thread, handmade natural screen printing ink, dimensions variable 170–200cm. Photo: Robert Frith.
Molly Ryan, Memory Fragments (left), Assemblage of Scraps (middle), Embodied Landscape (right), 2022, upcycled naturally dyed silk, cotton, wool, linen, cotton thread, handmade natural screen printing ink, dimensions variable 170–200cm. Photo: Robert Frith.

2024 Partisans' Committee

Nazerul Ben-Dzulkefli

Singapore-born multidisciplinary visual artist who is deeply interested in the folk beliefs of his homeland, waterbodies as conduit and super-highways for spirits and the exchange of ideas. Through ceramics, drawings and installation works, he explores his relationship(s) with shared cultural and personal mythologies, sociology of ancient, classical and contemporary Malay religious rites and lore, the possibility and importance of communing with deities, tutelary, and ancestral spirits of the region. Selected for Hatched 2022 at PICA, he has also exhibited widely in Perth, conducted workshops and participated in Streets of Hope in Singapore in 2022.

Katie Dukovčić

Multi-disciplinary artist, who continues to experiment with new techniques, skills, and materials. This currently spans across ceramics, jewellery, installation, and print-making. Recently, her practice has focused on the feeling of consciousness and presence when in nature. She explores intricate details of nature, and the importance of paying attention, and has more recently delved into the feeling of being small in a large, immense landscape. Katie's interest in nature as a subject is inspired by a love of travel and camping. This is paired with the desire to step away from a fast-paced, technological life, and slow down. Katie is currently Admin Assistant for IOTA24.

Regina Ndossi

Currently a Management & Events student at Curtin University, Corporate Events Coordinator at Volunteering WA and Conference Coordinator for IOTA24. As a social media manager, she has designed and executed brand strategies. Regina is passionate about building lasting client relationships and brand representation. She believes in the power of digital media to connect businesses with their audiences in meaningful ways. Regina is currently President of Enactus, a Curtin University not-for-profit for student entrepreneurs, and held positions with the Curtin University Women in Business Organisation since 2022, where she is currently Vice-President.

Molly Ryan

Molly Ryan is a textile artist, researcher, and educator focused on understanding people's relationships with clothing and textiles through practice-led research. Discovering and refining innovative methods of working with post-consumer textile waste governs her creative and entrepreneurial practices. Molly completed a Master of Research (Fine Arts) in 2023 and a Bachelor of Arts (Fashion) in 2020. Alongside her studio practice, Molly is a Casual Academic and Technician in art and design learning areas at Curtin University and a Director of Fibre Economy, a social enterprise she co-founded in 2020, that tackles the textile waste crisis.

Stirling Kain

A creative producer at the City of Fremantle and festival coordinator of IOTA24. Her creative interest is producing works with culturally and linguistically diverse artists. In 2024, Stirling co-produced Transports, an exhibition by Eduardo Cossio at ECU Spectrum Galleries. She has coordinated projects for Fremantle Arts Centre, City of Melville, Art on the Move, and Artsource, served on the committee of Sculpture at Bathers, and sat on public art assessment panels for Rottnest Island Authority and City of Melville. Stirling graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from UWA in 2020, and is also an emerging photographer and has exhibited locally.

Stirling is the founder and lead for the IOTA Partisans.

2024 Partisans' Events

More information will be provided soon.

Weaving unforgettable stories. We are dedicated to supporting craft artists and artisans from the Indian Ocean rim to excel. Their narratives, told through the medium of contemporary craft, resonate through time and culture, and matter today.

Other ways to give an IOTA: Sponsors & Volunteers

In-kind support in the form of sponsorship of services and products or voluntary time is a huge part of how IOTA is delivered. Contact us if you are keen to contribute and would love to be involved in this fast-growing influential phenomenon of the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial. 

Image credit: banner: Nazerul Ben-Dzulkefli, Tujuh Dulang Hati Hama / Impossible Requests, 2021, stained stoneware, dimensions variable. Photo: Craig Williams.

About IOTA

Founded in Western Australia, the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial (IOTA) stands as a unique bastion for contemporary craft from the Indian Ocean Region.

It embodies a movement that celebrates diversity, nurtures talent, and fosters deep bonds among artists, audiences, ambassadors and supporters.

The Indian Ocean Craft Triennial Inc (ABN 90 705 472 375) is a registered charity, and is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR), confirmed by the Australian Tax Office. Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (ITAA 1997).