iZilo, a large-scale ceramic installation by Andile Dyalvane and Zizipho Poswa, John Curtin Gallery,with woven shelters by Fiona Gavino.

IOTA24 Expressions of Interest

EoIs closed at the end of 2022.

The curatorial theme for IOTA24 ‘Codes in Parallel‘ is an investigation into the multivarious languages codified in contemporary craft. Expressions of interest were invited in late 2022. The curatorial team are working on the ~200 submissions from individual artists, galleries and groups for both the international exhibition at the heart of the Triennial and the statewide satellite festival.

When is IOTA24?

IOTA24 will run across three months: August–September–October 2024 in Perth metro and regional Western Australia. The international keystone exhibition will run for the whole dates with staggered openings and programming at our Exhibition Partners: Fremantle Arts Centre, and John Curtin Gallery. Festival activities (satellite exhibitions & events) can take place any time within this timeframe, not earlier or later.

What is the timeline for projects towards IOTA24?

Monday 14 November 2022: Expressions of Interest Close
December 2022: Stage 1: Shortlisted projects contacted
January-June 2023: Stage 2: Consultations, interim proposals developed
July 2023: Stage 3: Final list of accepted projects
August 2023: Final Proposals Due

Who can apply?

Artist, artisans, curators and collaborations living and working in the Indian Ocean region, including Australia. Also curators, craft groups, galleries, museums and artspaces in Western Australia.

What did the submission entail?

The IOTA team was looking for a brief idea of what you’d propose to do in reflection of the curatorial theme – only a maximum of 250 words, plus your short bio, some indicative images, video and social media links. Submissions must respond to the theme.

Are you accepting submissions for the IOTA24 conference?

Not yet. We will call for conference submissions in late 2023. This EoI was for the exhibition and festival program.

Can I prepare a video for my presentation?

Yes, but it must not be longer than 3 minutes.

Can I submit for both the keystone exhibition and the festival program?

Yes, you can. A consultative process will match selected artists and projects with suitable exhibition and hosting venues to ensure best presentation of artists’ work.

Are activities other than exhibitions eligible?

Yes, you can submit ideas for public programming (e.g. talks, workshops), ephemeral and outdoor installations…

Can I submit an exhibition proposal without having an exhibition space?

Yes, matching up with a space will occur later for selected proposals.

Can I submit more than one EOI?


If I am represented by a gallery, can they submit on my behalf?

Yes, we welcome submissions from galleries.

Can independent curators submit?

Yes, we welcome submissions from curators who wish to suggest group submissions, and who wish to collaborate with us.

Can galleries outside of WA participate?

Not as a participating exhibition venue, but you can submit an EOI that proposes an exhibition to take place in WA during IOTA24.

I have a space, but no artists, can I submit an EoI?

Yes, we welcome offers of exhibition spaces, residencies, workshop facilities and studios.

Why do you ask for images at max 500KB? Isn’t that too small?

Ideally the images should be suitable for digital presentation, not for printing – that means 72dpi to max 96dpi. We suggest a minimum longest side 1000px. (e.g. HD for full screen is 1920 x 1080px). The max 500KB each is so our system is not overloaded and it is more than big enough for digital screen use. 

Scroll down to read more about the theme and requirements for submitting an Expression of Interest.

Submissions closed on Monday 14 November 2022 via this form.

Call for Expressions of Interest for the 2024 Indian Ocean Craft Triennial.

Cover Image: Andile Dyalvane & Zizipho Poswa, iZilo. Represented by Southern Guild. With shelters woven by Fiona Gavino. Installation view, Curiosity & Rituals of the Everyday, IOTA21, John Curtin Gallery, October 2021. Photo: Rob Frith.

The research and development phase of IOTA24 is supported by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries; and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts.