Wuthigrai (Fa) Siriphon

Dr Wuthigrai Siriphon is an award-winning weaver, designer and a researcher based in Thailand. His works explore ways to rethink and revitalise traditional crafts while balancing between the integrity of the tradition and the exploratory approach to the practice. His projects often combine traditional Thai craft techniques and materials with new design approaches. He is a Lecturer in Textiles Design at Thammasat University’s Department of Textile and Fashion Design.

Fa’s thesis: Revealing Localised Design Practice in Thai Hand Weaving, won the 2018 Anglo-Thai Society Annual Educational Award for Excellence in the Arts. In 2019 he won a grant from the British Museum and Arcadia’s Endangered Material Knowledge Programme for his current research project: Wooden Reed Making of the Ethnic Lao Khrang in Thailand. He is currently a co-investigator of Thai Textiles, a research project led by Dr Peter Oakley and funded by the Royal College of Art’s quality-related (QR) Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) development fund.


Sisaket, Thailand

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Pathumthani, Thailand

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Assistants: Sasicha Srijanchom, Thadched Prabpram, Janejira Wunkon