Uday Singh

Uday Singh is a farmer and a ceramic artist.

Around 2016 Uday went to the ceramic studios of Art Ichol after he had heard about artists working there with clay. Even though he is a local farmer, he always aspired to be an artist. At the centre he was exposed to artistry as a special skill, which he had hitherto never been able to explore, and had the rare chance of working with established national and international artists.

Clearly on home turf, he shaped the clay into wondrous forms of bulls and cows, and was trained to glaze and fire his creations into fascinating ceramics. So prolific is Uday with his forms that he has been creating, exhibiting and growing since, with his natural abilities being honed at the centre.

Uday is planning to make and send a herd of 50 cows to Perth for exhibition at John Curtin Gallery. He needs your help. You can do this by pre-purchasing one of his beautifully crafted ceramic cows.

Read more about Uday's work, the significance of cows in our everyday lives and find out how to collect a cow on our BECOME A PATRON page.

Lives & Works

Bhattia, near Maihar, Madhya Pradesh, Central India.

Exhibited at

John Curtin Gallery for IOTA21

Acknowledgements & Funders

Uday Singh's representation is assisted by Art Ichol; and the IOTA Patrons who pre-purchase one of his ceramic cows.