Since the mid eighties Shakuntala Kulkarni's work shifted from earlier concerns of human predicament to gender specific issues. Her work since then has been an enquiry into the lives of urban women and their spaces like the home space, work space, cultural and social space within a society which is essentially patriarchal.

Shakuntala has exhibited widely, internationally including in 2019 Our Time for a Future Caring, 58th Venice Biennale, Indian Pavilion.

"I observed that objectification, ownership, commodity, hierarchies are still deep rooted within the society and surface at various stages, some times obviously, some times subtly, leading to various kinds of discrimination and violence towards women. As a result, women constantly experience a sense of fear, alienation, anxiety, claustrophobia etc."


Mumbai, India

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Mumbai, India

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John Curtin Gallery for IOTA21

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Shakuntala Kulkarni is represented by CHEMOULD PRESCOTT GALLERY.