Mujahidin Nurrahman


1982. West Java, Indonesia.


Bahasa Indonesia, Sundanese

Lives & Works

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.


Mujahidin Nurrahman finished his study in Printmaking studio, Faculty of Fine Art and Design of Bandung Institute of Technology at 2007. He was actively participated in exhibitions at Bandung art scene since 2003, but began his career as artist at 2007.

The themes of his artworks undergo several transformation from dream at the beginning, later politics, spirituality (death), currently religion and violence. Since 2010 Mujahidin focus on issues that develop surrounding religion, in particular the world's perception towards Islam. He used paper as main media, and arabesque gimmick is his trademarkas visual provocation.

He works with broad range of media to execute his ideas, among others hand-cut paper with high craftsmanship, painting, video, photography and combinations of various objects. Recently he explores installation art while still utilising hand-cut paper as main media.

Artist Statement

For more than 10 years I have used paper with cutting techniques as the main medium in my work, processing blank paper into paper cut works with a style that resembles arabesques which I really enjoy. Every inch of the paper cut with the cutter knife reflects and teaches me about consistency, dedication and time to contemplate the issues studied in the work. Perseverance continues to be honed in this process. A rhythm that is continuously maintained teaches that a process without haste will produce exquisite work. The craft element is obvious in my works, creating a pleasant experience in looking at it, which is in line with the issues discussed in the work.

In this work I raise the issue of the term terrorism which has been inappropriately attached to the independence movement in several parts of the world. The media often distorts reality into an opposite perception, as happened in Afghanistan at that time or Palestine today. However, with the presence of social media, this reversed perception has changed, the world community can see a balanced perspective of the matter. The public can access information more freely, without the element of leading opinions. So I imagine this is a new wave for the world community to understand the meaning of "movement" which should be different from the context of "terrorism" which has been associated with the colonised. The module in the work uses the AK-47 weapon as an illustration of this movement which is starting to spread its...

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Exhibiting at

Fremantle Arts Centre

FAC is a multi-arts organisation based in a historic building complex in Fremantle, Western Australia.

FAC is an IOTA24 Major Exhibition Partner.


1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle