Maggie Baxter

Born 1950. Somerset, UK.
Lives and works East Fremantle, WA.


Maggie Baxter is an artist, writer, independent curator, and public art coordinator. She first visited India in 1990 and maintains a textile arts practice in Kutch, Gujarat working collaboratively with designer Kirit Dave and numerous crafts men and women. Her primary passion is block printing and she designs all her blocks. Over the past decade her work has been based on text, real and invented, poetic messages of nothing, and concise commentary, sometimes using embroidery, stitch and thread.

Since 1984, she has exhibited regularly in both group and solo exhibitions in Australia, India, Japan, and UK. In 2008 she was one of the featured artists for the Stroudwater Textile Festival in the UK, and through the Textile Exchange Project she has exhibited twice in Japan. She held her first solo exhibition in India at the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre in December 2004, for which she won their award for the Best Design and Craft Show 2004. Since then, she has had three more exhibitions in Delhi. In 2016/2017 she was a participant in the Serendipitous Happenstance exhibition at OED Gallery, Kochi, Kerala.

Her most recent solo exhibition Blurred Lines was held at Project 88, Mumbai in August 2019.

Her book ‘Unfolding: Contemporary Indian Textiles’, which was the first book written on contemporary Indian textiles, was published by Niyogi Books, New Delhi in April 2015. The exhibition of the same name was held at the RMIT Gallery in Melbourne from March – May 2015 and at the Fremantle Arts Centre from July – September 2015.

Within her home state of Western Australia Maggie has operated a consultancy business for over 25 years as a public art coordinator overseeing projects of all sizes primarily for government but also the private sector. She has been a member of several interdisciplinary design teams for large developments and infrastructure projects

She has a BA in Fine Arts and a MA Design from Curtin University.

Artist Statement

This series of five works is based on the word ‘redacted’: delete, erasure, remove, censored. Commonly reserved for sensitive documents, in more oblique ways it refers to news manipulation and social media – whether through mischievous deception, delusion, ignorance or somewhere between those; language coded by omission

The word redacted is repeated over a series of wooden blocks, with the word in various sizes and intensities. As much as there can be with a wooden block that is loosely geometric, the work is fluid with a strong sense of linearity.
The works were all made in the Kutch, Gujarat, India, using the weaving, print and embroidery techniques practiced there. Three works are printed by resist block printing, two by direct block printing. The fabric was custom woven from locally grown organic cotton. In the spirit of wabi sabi, the texture produces imperfections in the print that contrast with the technically exquisite Pakko and Ari embroidery. In one work, stitch and thread add a layer of unpredictable line.

Two long, thin works have script running along one length. Visually complex with a foreground and shadow, this text, which was composed by the artist, is based on the structure of Haiku.

Acknowledgements & Collaborators

Works realised with with help and assistance of KPMD Design and Ideas, especially Kirit Dave. Embroidery done through The Shrujan Trust. Weaving by Devji Valji Vankar. Printing was done in the workshop of Abdul Rahim Anwar Khatri. Special thanks to Barkha Anjariya for coordinating production in my absence.

Exhibiting at

Holmes à Court Gallery @No.10

Situated in the heart of The Pickle District in Gooyaman, West Perth.


10 Douglas Street, West Perth, WA 6005