Lisa Mori

Born 1971. Perth, Western Australia
Lives and works Perth, Western Australia


Lisa Mori is a textile artist, living and working on the unceded lands of the Whadjuk Noongar people.

Lisa’s art focuses on themes of identity, equity, the ecological destruction of our natural environment and the relationship between these spaces.

Primarily focusing on traditional weaving methods, Lisa’s work is driven by testing the limitations of materials, altering their inherent meaning to explore broader and aesthetic possibilities. This technique often requires Lisa to embrace the unpredictable outcome. Prioritising the use of repurposed, sustainable or recycled materials, Lisa’s more recent work are large scale abstract, sculptural weaves that evoke the diversity of the natural environment.

Artist Statement

My Nonna Noemi, was a weaver that grew, harvested and spun hemp to be woven into sheets and towels for her family. An interconnected process of growing and creation with family and community, with the cycles of nature.

During our time together we would never know that our hands have shared memories of passing a shuttle through a shed, beating a weft and watching the fibres interlace as they become cloth.

My making is also with family and community. Together we stripped and cut the spinnakers and sails and two pairs of hands pulled the bulky warp as it was wound on the loom. In my comfortable studio, as I make and meditate on a love like this, I wonder about my shared connection to an ancient craft, and how it compares to Nonna and many other hand weavers across the globe today.

Acknowledgements & Collaborators


Exhibiting at

Holmes à Court Gallery @No.10

Situated in the heart of The Pickle District in Gooyaman, West Perth.


10 Douglas Street, West Perth, WA 6005