Lea Taylor

Lea Taylor is an award-winning Aboriginal Artist/Weaver with strong cultural connections to Bibbulmun boodja. She creates work made from nature, traditional and contemporary Aboriginal weaving. Lea’s passion for weaving has resulted in the dedication of countless hours to the exploration of her craft, facilitating cultural exchange through storytelling and shared experiences. She is also the owner and creative director of Creative Culture an Aboriginal owned and operated business based in Boorloo (Perth W A), which offers a variety of Weaving, Art & Cultural Education Workshops and event opportunities.


Yonga Booka (Cloak) with burn etched design and Garba Mundju Matta Goto, a well-seasoned wood stick handle on a coiled bag/basket hand-dyed using Marri resin.
Photographer: Eddie Resera.
Model: Lulkbudia Mclean-Gerrard

Exhibited at

Curiosity and the Cloth Fashion Event for IOTA21 @ Boola Bardip, WA Museum

I was asked "Lea, why do you make booka". The answer is simple, the booka was used for warmth, a body covering or a blanket. After colonisation we were put into colonial clothing and our booka were placed in private collections and museums around the world.

We see Aboriginal people in positions of power wearing them, Ken Wyatt and Linda Bernie wore them in Parliament as a show of their cultural connection and identity. I remember the first time I put on a booka. I felt the embrace and protection of thousands of ancestors past. I felt like I stood 10 feet tall and it brought tears to my eyes.

The booka is a powerful display, letting people know we are still here. We are strong. We carry the strength of our ancestors and we are determined to continue our culture.