Kanapot Aunsorn

Kanapot Aunsorn is Founder and Creative Director of Kanapot Aunsorn. He is a contemporary designer based in Bangkok, Thailand who is passionate about street Couture style. With his distinctive and spicy creations, he builds bridges across couture and sportswear. Through his collections, he pays tribute to the traditions of “hand-made” work, the art in which he is particularly fond of.

It is kanapot Aunsorn’s insight, sharpness and inspiration that together weave the incredible sense of craftsmanship that makes his creations unforgettable.

Exhibited at

Curiosity and the Cloth Fashion Event for IOTA21 @ Boola Bardip, WA Museum


The garments were made by skilled craftspeople from 6 provinces in Thailand, using the Ikat Thai technique and natural dyed silk.

Photography: Krittin T