Sanjib Chatterjee & Anjalee Wakankar | KAARU

Co-founded in 2000 by Sanjib Chatterjee and Anjalee Wakankar, the design studio KAARU is motivated by a philosophical passion for the material culture of India. Their explicit intent is to use traditional crafts from across India in the creation of contemporary furniture, products, and interior architecture, reviving and keeping alive the hand crafts so easily discarded in an age of increasing mechanisation. Represented in India, UK and Japan, KAARU is unique in the realm of Indian contemporary design for the ability to bring together philosophical insights, modern technology, and creative processes that are innate in Indian arts and crafts.

An alumnus of the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, Sanjib Chatterjee is an architect, furniture maker, interior designer and creator of lights and design installations. He has authored articles for several design magazines and journals and has presented his thoughts on contemporary design at numerous design events in India.

Trained initially in Fashion and Interior Design, Anjalee Wakankar also has a B.A Commerce. Her social entrepreneurial spirit first led her to developing a profitable fashion business in Nepal, but she found her true calling working on skills development in Cambodia through the Princess Shobhana Foundation’s Khemara Weaving Project in the early 1990’s. Before returning to India, she worked out of Singapore, gaining insight into the crafts of Indo-China, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.


Anjalee: Delhi  |  Sanjib: Kolkata | India

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John Curtin Gallery for IOTA21


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