Jan Griffiths

Jan is a Miriwoong/Ngarinyman woman living in the remote Kimberley region of northern Australia. She went to school in Broome and first began work as a trainee broadcaster and journalist in 1990 before finding her passion for art during her 40s. Griffiths learnt from her renowned parents, Peggy Griffiths and the late Mr Griffiths, founding artists of the Waringarri Aboriginal Arts in Kununurra and traditional cultural performers and teachers.

Jan conveys traditional stories learnt from her parents, interpreting them through contemporary style and mediums: ochre paintings, porcelain bowls, platters and sculptural forms. Her works examine the emotions experienced as a result of colonialism and endeavour to maintain her family stories so that future generations will know their culture.

Jan says: ‘I too can keep our tradition alive and hand the stories of our ancestors and how our Country came to be, down to the next generation and generations to come. I do this with great pride and honour’.


Kununurra, Australia

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Kununurra, Australia

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Miriwoong / Ngarinyman

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John Curtin Gallery for IOTA21

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Jan Griffiths is a member of Waringarri Aboriginal Arts.