Ikuntji Artists

Ikuntji Artists was established in 1992 by and for women in the Western Desert Art Movement. This collection of work represents the outcome of The Frock On! project which brought together 28 talented makers/fabric aficionados from around Australia and the USA and 70+ metres of fabulous hand-printed fabric designed and produced by Ikuntji Artists. 

Exhibited at

Curiosity and the Cloth Fashion Event for IOTA21 @ Boola Bardip, WA Museum


Indriani Tungka / Kumuntjai Nampitjinpa Dixon | Olga Bruykevets (Ossom) / Mavis Nampitjinpa Marks | Carolyn Smith / Kumuntjai Nampitjinpa Dixon | Alice van Meurs (Edition Label) / Eunice Napanangka Jack | Olga Bruykevets (Ossom) / Keturah Zimran | Deanne Coburn / Mitjili Napurrula.