Fatemeh Boroujeni


1981. Chanahr Mahal O Bakhtiari, Shahrekord, Islamic Republic of Iran



Lives & Works

Scarborough, Perth, Western Australia


Fatemeh Boroujeni's path in the world of design and fine arts is a testament to her dedication and passion. Drawing from her rich cultural experiences, she infuses a unique blend of perspectives into each of her creations. Her academic journey, marked by studies in Iran and Australia, culminated in a Bachelor's degree in industrial design and fine arts, a Master of Applied Design and Art, and an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery Design. Her tenure on the Executive Committee of the Jewellery and Silversmith Group of Australia (JMGA) and the variety of her woodcarving and metalworking skills reflects her deep engagement with the community of craftspeople.

Her work, which has been showcased in galleries from Sydney to Perth and has been recognised in Paris, speaks to a harmonious balance between heritage and innovation. Fatemeh has been a finalist in prestigious competitions such as the Contemporary Wearables Biennial Jewellery Award & Exhibition, affirming the resonance of her work within the art community. With a career spanning over twenty years, her exhibitions, notably Future Inheritance at the National Gallery of Victoria, have been celebrated for their contribution to the dialogue on global cultural exchange.

سفر فاطمه بروجنی در دنیای طراحی و هنرهای زیبا گواهی بر تعهد و علاقه اوست. او با تکیه بر تجربیات فرهنگی خود، ترکیبی منحصر به فرد از دیدگاه ها را به هر یک از ساخته های خود القا می کند. مسیر آکادمیک او که با تحصیل در ایران و استرالیا شکل گرفته ، با مدرک لیسانس در طراحی صنعتی و هنرهای زیبا، کارشناسی ارشد طراحی کاربردی و هنر، و دیپلم پیشرفته طراحی جواهرات به اوج خود رسید دوران تصدی او در کمیته اجرایی گروه جواهرسازی و نقره‌سازی استرالیا و تنوع مهارت‌های او در منبت کاری و فلزکاری نشان دهنده تعامل عمیق او با جامعه صنعتگران است.
آثار او که در گالری‌هایی از سیدنی تا پرت به نمایش درآمده و در پاریس به رسمیت شناخته شده است، از تعادل هماهنگ بین سنت و مدرنیته صحبت می‌کند. فاطمه فینالیست مسابقات معتبری مانند جایزه و نمایشگاه دوسالانه جواهرات پوشیدنی معاصر بوده است که طنین کار خود را در جامعه هنری تأیید می کند. با بیش از بیست سال فعالیت حرفه ای، نمایشگاه های او، به ویژه در گالری ملی ویکتوریا، به دلیل مشارکت در گفتگو در مورد تبادل فرهنگی جهانی مورد تجلیل قرار گرفته است.

Artist Statement

For the Bakhtiary, a prominent tribe in the southwest of Iran, the lion is a cultural symbol of the Hero. When a Bakhtiary warrior died, a lion carved in stone, with symbols of courage, valour, chivalry and bravery was placed on his tombstone to perpetuate his glory. The sword is one of the common symbols depicted on the body of the lion indicating the hero’s gallantry.
There has been no such commemoration of courage and glory for the Bakhtiary women warriors, even though their bravery in battle was legendary.

Boroujeni, sensitive to this remission and marvelling at the sheer courage of the contemporary women warriors of Iran today in seeking to redress this historical omission, has decided to make lionesses to celebrate their incredible courage. Fatemeh uses traditional and modern symbols such as pictures of digital devices, social media hashtags and digital codes for these sculptures as these are the weapons of today.

She chooses wood as her medium of work as wood, she feels is more akin to the gentler nature of women and embodies their connection to nature. Fatemeh's wood sculptures will be a tribute to the women who lost their lives to fight for freedom and played a vital role in the Woman, Life, Freedom movement.

This movement, ignited with the death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the morality police, has turned into a revolutionary movement.

Acknowledgements & Collaborators

Supported by the WA Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries.

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Exhibiting at

John Curtin Gallery

JCG is one of WA's foremost public art galleries and curates the Curtin University Art Collection, located at Curtin's Bentley campus.


Curtin University, Building 200A, Kent St, Bentley WA 6102