Desmond Lazaro

Desmond Lazaro is an artist and art historian who specialises in Indian Art, methods and materials, and a master of the craft of painting, crushing and mixing pigments in the traditional way whilst using embossed gold leaf to gild works.

Desmond Lazaro began his art career in the UK, where he was born, with a BFA at the University of Central Lancashire. He was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to India to do his MFA at MS University in Vadodara after which he studied the intricate, traditional picchwai painting under a Rajasthani Master.  This led to a PhD, from the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London, which was published as a book Materials, Methods & Symbolism in the Pichhvai Painting Tradition of Rajasthan (Mapin 2005).

Since 2008, Lazaro has exhibited Internationally, and contributed to numerous publications, lectures and seminars. In 2019 he participated in Homelands, India, Bangladesh & Pakistan, at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge curated by Dr. Devika Singh; followed by his first Australian commission at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney The Sea of Untold Stories.

His current body of work is an investigation into Cosmology from both European and Indian perspectives, the synergies that connect them, and the influence of these systems on architecture and spacial organisation in sacred buildings, whether Cathedral or Temple.


United Kingdom

Lives & Works

Kyneton, Victoria, Australia  |  Pondicherry, South India

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John Curtin Gallery for IOTA21

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