Darrell Sibosado + Darrell Jade Kyle

Darrell Sibosado is a Bard man from Lombadina situated on the Dampier Peninsula of the Kimberley coast, Western Australia.

In his practice, Darrell presents both traditional and derivative contemporary designs. The inspiration for Darrell’s work is taken from the traditional Riji designs of the Bard people. Darrell also continues the traditional practice of mother of pearl etching and shell work.

Through his printmaking and installations Darrell reflects on traditional Bard culture and is intent on reiterating that Aboriginal culture is a living, adaptive culture and undeniably commands a presence in the contemporary space. Darrell’s large scale designs are derivative of both the physical form and the stories within the riji designs and motifs handed down to himself and his brothers.


Darrell believes that the arts are an inseparable part of Aboriginal culture and knows that the arts are integral in the maintenance of Indigenous cultures. It is through the arts that Darrell maintains his spirituality and links to his traditional Aboriginal heritage.

He has exhibited at Art Gallery of Western Australia, Art Gallery of South Australia, Cairns Regional Gallery, Wollongong Gallery, Boomalli, Murray Art Museum, Albury and others. Darrell has received many private and public commissions including from the Australia Council for the Arts and Charles Perkins Foundation, hos work collected by the National Gallery of Victoria and Art Gallery of South Australia.

For IOTA21, Darrell Jade Kyle is working with his uncle Darrell Sibosado to realise a large installation.


Lombadina, Western Australia, Australia

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Lombadina, Western Australia, Australia

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Darrell's nephew, Darrell Jade Kyle (aka DJ), is co-author of the work, assisting in the creation of the installation for Fremantle Arts Centre.