Bic Tieu


Born 1979. Tang Nhum Pinang, Indonesia
Lives and works Sydney, NSW, Australia

LOTE: Chinese and Vietnamese


Bic Tieu is a designer, object maker, and jeweller.
She is also a lecturer teaching in the School of Art + Design at the University of NSW.
She is interested in ways objects are holders to stories, cultures, and knowledge.

Bic’s practice draws on traditional and contemporary craft and design methods inspired by her Asian-cultural lineages to investigate themes of personal and cross-cultural narratives. Specialising in traditional and contemporary metal and lacquer craft technologies, her practice often utilises a synthesis of these materials to create new perspectives on contemporary object-making and meanings. Her recent work navigates cartographic ways to explore the ‘in-between’ to create new kinds of cultural objects that are representative of the hybrid cultures, diasporic life experiences, and identity represented in the diverse cultures in Australia. Bic’s practice revels in materiality expressed in object-based forms to create a better understanding of cultural diversity within the Asia-Australia context.

Artist Statement

This series of metal-based objects delves into personal narratives and the connection between diaspora and place-based creativity. Reflecting on my upbringing in the Fairfield West and Cabramatta area, I draw inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of the environment, where migrants like my family find a deep sense of belonging. Through visual cues such as shopfront displays, eateries, and packaging, I explore the cultural familiarity of the area. The series of handmade metal objects pays homage to Cabramatta and its multicultural essence, aiming to tell stories of place, identity, and everyday life.

Each object in the series employs metaphorical construction in its visual design, drawing from processes of contemporary craft jewelry and object-making. I reinterpret common motifs through various construction methods to offer fresh perspectives. By contextualizing imagery and text, these objects serve as tangible points of connection between past and present, fostering dialogue and navigation of personal and collective histories.

Acknowledgements & Collaborators

Bic Tieu would like to acknowledge that the material cost for this project was funded by the UNSW School of Art & Design 2023 Research Output Scheme.

Exhibiting at

Curtin DBE Exhibition Space

At Building 418, the new facility for Curtin University's School of Design and the Built Environment.


1 Koorliny Way, Bentley, WA 6102