Ari Bayuaji

Born 1975. Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia
Lives and works Bali, Indonesia & Canada

LOTE: Bahasa Indonesia


Ari Bayuaji graduated as a civil engineer and worked in Indonesia before deciding to move to Canada permanently in 2005. Once in Montreal, he studied Fine Arts at Concordia University from 2005 to 2010 and now divides his time between Montreal and Bali.

The artist is known mainly for his art installations that incorporate the use of found and ready-made objects he collects from various parts of the world, thereby exposing himself to the different cultural traditions. He is an expert in conveying aspects of daily life within a culture as his works often expose the overlooked artistic value in everyday life expressed through objects and places and their roles within a society

Ari Bayuaji has been traveling extensively internationally to participate in numerous artist-in-residency programs while also being included in international group shows in Denmark, Indonesia, Germany and The United States. A large sculptural installation is currently exhibited as part of the permanent collection of Musée de Beaux Arts de Montréal while major artworks are also included in the collections of the Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal and the Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec.

Artist Statement

Weaving The Ocean began with the idea of replacing vanishing natural materials with new “natural” materials that can be found easily. One day, I discovered an abundant supply of plastic ropes tangled in the roots of mangrove trees near Sanur on the coast of Bali. This discovery led me to use the plastic threads as material for weaving. Plastic is so abundant in our environment these days that it has essentially now became a major element of the natural world.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, until today, I am still collaborating closely with a weaver and several assistants, more than 15 people until now and the project has been providing good income for each of these collaborators.

The theme of my show for IOTA 2024 will be about home. Using the ‘art-weaves’ and wooden construction, I will create an art installation about home. Home is where everything began to be processed and put it out there and then eventually returned to nature, whether this return be beneficial or not. The water and food we consume, the clothes we wear, and even the all that is produced from our daily habits… daily life. It’s all going back to our environment.

Acknowledgements & Collaborators

Desak Nyoman Rai, Widarto, Nazah, Dewa Ayu, / Dewa Nyoman Pastika, / Made Junawan, / Nengah, / Made Sastra, / Made Rindu, Ni Komang Sari, A. A. Sagung Ratih, Agustinus Ellen Ogom, Rofinus Jo Wasek, Marcelinus Stoykov, Lina Amelia, Widi Yanti.

Represented by Mizuma Gallery (Tokyo / Singapore)
Supported by IOTA24 Ambassadors

Exhibiting at

John Curtin Gallery

JCG is one of WA's foremost public art galleries and curates the Curtin University Art Collection, located at Curtin's Bentley campus.


Curtin University, Building 200A, Kent St, Bentley WA 6102