Ankon Mitra


New Delhi, India


Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit

Lives & Works

New Delhi, India


Ankon Mitra trained as an architect and practices as a landscape designer, sculptor and installation artist. He has built an international reputation as a pioneer of the folding technique. He engages in ‘dialogues of folding’ with a diversity of architectural materials.

Recipient of the All-India Gold Medal for Sculpture in 2018 and the Lexus Design Award for Craft Design in 2020, he has exhibited in over 18 countries and all the continents (except in Africa), most recently at the Arte Laguna Venice and the Shanghai Paper Art Biennale. His sculptures and installations are part of public- private collections (outdoor and indoor) globally. A TEDx speaker and a warrior for 'making connections across disciplines' with his brainchild - ‘Oritecture - Origami + Architecture’, Mitra shares a vision of a universe forming and dissolving from acts of folding.

A Universalist in thought and action, he passionately believes in the two maxims - “Geometry Aims at the Eternal” (Plato), and “The Universe is Mathematics” (Max Tegmark). In February 2024, he curated and designed India’s first expansive art, architecture and design exhibition focused on paper called ‘On Paper Of Paper’ with 75 participating architects, artists and designers from India and 15 other countries.

Artist Statement

The work for IOTA24 brings the analogue traditional system of folding (Origami) up to speed into the digital realm - old and new creasings are drawn as CAD / CAM patterns and lines of code - allowing the artist to combine and ‘marry’ families of patterns into astonishing new arrays of three-dimensional geometries. Actively seeking craft integrations / experimentations, the time-honoured craft wisdom of ‘sitting with the folds as though in ritualistic meditation’, adds another layer of spiritual code to the entire process of making.

This work also wants to document and celebrate Earth’s primordial past, when Australia and India were joined together as one super-continent called Gondwana-Land, the evidence of which is seen in the red earth of the Gond tribal areas in India and in magnificent geological features such as the Uluru in Australia. There are also striking similarities in the stories and visual culture of the Gonds in India and the First Nation tribes in Australia. This imagination of integration - where now lies a great physical ocean of separation - is another overlay of a rich tapestry of code, telling us about the universal connectedness of everything, everywhere, and for all times.

Acknowledgements & Collaborators


Exhibiting at

Fremantle Arts Centre

FAC is a multi-arts organisation based in a historic building complex in Fremantle, Western Australia.

FAC is an IOTA24 Major Exhibition Partner.


1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle