IOTA24: Codes in Parallel

In 2024 we will investigate the multi-various languages codified in contemporary craft at major international exhibitions, a conference, and a festival program of over 50 other exhibitions and events.

August - October 2024

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The first Indian Ocean Craft Triennial in 2021 brought together artists, makers, and crafted works from around the Indian Ocean Rim (IOR).

Based on the theme of ‘Curiosity and Rituals of the Everyday’, exhibitions and events took place in Western Australia from September to November 2021.

Through stories and conversations we explored our innate curiosity and the rituals that connect us through the medium of craft and the handmade, at home and across the ocean.

IOTA24 will take place August–October 2024.

In 2024, exhibition partners Fremantle Arts Centre and John Curtin Gallery will again stage the international exhibition at the heart of the Triennial, and in 2024 are joined by Holmes à Court Gallery. We look forward to the presentation of ambitious work by the selected lead international and Australian artists at these major venues.

In complement, the conference, public program and satellite festival of exhibitions and events will amplify the theme of 'Codes in Parallel' presenting a broad diversity of craft practices by Western Australian-based and Indian Ocean artists at other major institutions, artist-run collectives, regional galleries, local government arts facilities, and in craft-specific workshops and studios.

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"Craft is time-layering of object and story...

Walk through the IOTA21 exhibition at John Curtin Gallery and Fremantle Arts Centre.

IOTA24 Exhibition Partners

The international exhibition at the heart of IOTA24 will be presented across multiple venues where visitors can experience significant installations in group and solo shows.

Ishan Khosla, Rām teri Gangā maili (Ram your Ganga is dirty): You buy I die, 2021 4
Ishan Khosla, Rām teri Gangā maili (Ram your Ganga is dirty): You buy I die, 2021 4

IOTA21 saw a spectacular celebration of Indian Ocean cultures.